Meet Duco

K-9 Duco (means wolf) is a 4 1/2 year old Dutch Shepherd who is originally from the Nederland's. He was purchased by the Southlake Police Department in Feb. 2015 from USK9 Unlimited which is located in Kaplan, Louisiana. K-9 Duco and I completed training on March 13, 2015. K-9 Duco's commands are given in Dutch. He is trained in the following areas: suspect apprehension, evidence detection, narcotics detection, and tracking. K-9 Duco also trains with the North Tarrant Regional SWAT team. Outside of the above mentioned areas of training, as a team we are responsible for conducting school searches, participating in varies public education demos, as well as assisting neighboring cities when requested. K-9 Duco lives with me. His favorite toy when off duty is a Kong.

Duco img